The Presbyterian Church on Edisto Island in now in its fourth century of worship and ministry. This photo is circa 1876. We are a historic congregation - one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in the denomination, in existence at the same location of our establishment in 1685. Our church sanctuary and manse (where pastors have lived since the 18th century) are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Maintaining the historical authenticity of these old buildings while also equipping and furnishing them for continuing contemporary use has been an ongoing challenge for our congregation. In 1995, we completed an extensive exterior renovation of our sanctuary and more recently finished restoring the interior of the sanctuary to accommodate our growing membership and more closely reflect the church's past. We have also renovated the manse to make it more comfortable for your pastors and their families. The sanctuary is surrounded by an historic graveyard, dating from 1787. For more historical information click here.